Each year the Mid Central Region recognizes individuals for their contributions to the hobby of Model Railroading. The members of the Board of Directors' nominate individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the Region for the Directors' Award and individuals who promote the hobby for the Wenderfer Award given by Division 7. The following individuals have received these recognitions.

Year Directors’ Award
Sponsored by the Mid Central Region
Russ Wenderfer Award
Sponsored by Division 7, MCR
2017 Wil Davis &
Gary Burdette, MMR
Gail and Dana Yarnell &
Bob Orlando
2016 Merlyn Jarman  
2015 Dick Briggs, MMR (Division 6) Peter Guise (Division 3)
2014 Jerry Krueger (Division 4) John Burchnall (Division 7)
2013 Frank Koch (Division 7) Dave Hazlett (Division 1)
2012 Paul Novak (Division 4) Nick Folger
2011 Howard Smith, MMR (Division 6) Harley Smith (Division 5)
2010 Donald Wilke (Division 6) Lin Young (Division 9)
2009 Bob Weinheimer, MMR (Division 9) Scott Firth (Division 7)
2008 Dick Briggs, MMR (Division 6) Howard Smith, MMR (Division 6)
2007 Ivan W. Baugh (Division 8) Rick Montgomery (Division 5)
2006 Bob Lawson (Division 7) Jerry Ashley, MMR (Division 8)
2005 Matt Kross (Division 5) Not awarded
2004 Bob Lawson (Division 7) Miles and Fran Hale
2003 Jim Sacco Ivan Baugh (Division 8)
2002 Dick Flock (Division 2)