Previous Mid Central Region Conventions Contest Winners
Date Convention Name Type Location
2019 MCR Convention Northern Express Cancelled Erie, PA
2020 MCR Convention Steel City Express Cancelled Pittsburgh, PA
2019 MCR Convention The Bullet 2019 Boardman, Ohio
2018 MCR Convention Cincinnati Express WEB
Cincinnati, Ohio
2017 MCR Convention The Pan-American html Louisville, Kentucky
2016 MCR Convention Rails to the Capital html Columbus, Ohio
2015 MCR Convention Thoroughbred Express   Lexington, Kentucky
2014 NMRA Nation Convention (no photos available)    
2013 MCR Convention Operations Dayton 2013 - Contest Winners html Dayton, Ohio
2012 MCR Convention HIGH-LINE to Pittsburgh - Contest Winners html Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2011 MCR Convention Rails of Ages - Contest Winners html Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio
2010 MCR Convention Coalfield Express - Contest Winners html Charleston, West Virginia
2009 MCR Convention Tracking To The Future - Contest Winners html Columbus, Ohio
2008 MCR Convention (no photos available)   Cleveland, Ohio
2007 MCR Convention The South Wind – Contest Winners html Louisville, Kentucky
2006 MCR Convention (no photos available)   Morgantown, West Virginia
2005 MCR Convention Contest Winners html Ashtabula, Ohio
2004 MCR Convention Three Rivers Transfer – Contest Winners html Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2003 MCR Convention Springdale Express – Contest Winners html Cincinnati, Ohio